This is the first instance of the Commutativity Reasoning & Applications workshop (Commute 2022).

Commutativity Reasoning is becoming increasingly common and appears in many contexts. Commutativity is used in the design of systems, in the design of data structures, in proof methodologies, in parallel execution schemes, etc. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers that are working in a variety of areas, with a common need for commutativity, to share ideas and goals. We aim to include researchers who work on commutativity in many contexts: compilers, program logics, automata, concurrency, distributed systems/CRDTs, ML applications, etc.

The workshop will be held on Monday June 13th and Tuesday June 14th.

Confirmed Talks (as of 13 May)

Speaker Title
Suresh Jagannathan Mergeable Replicated Datatypes
Ori Lahav Abstraction for Crash-Resilient Objects
Mohsen Lesani Commutativity reasoning for automated distributed coordination
Umang Mathur Weakening Mazurkiewicz Traces
Jens Palsberg Commutativity in quantum computing
Andreas Pavlogiannis A Tree Clock Data Structure for Causal Orderings in Concurrent Executions
Shaz Qadeer Commutativity Reasoning in the Civl Verifier
Martin Rinard Commutativity and Approximate Computing
Ilya Sergey Practical Smart Contract Sharding with Commutativity Analysis
Eric, Azadeh, Constantin (time permitting)

Call for Papers

The workshop is open to all who are interested and/or working in the area of Commutativity Reasoning and Applications. This includes researchers in areas such as program analysis, replicated data types, multicore programming models, operating systems, partial order reduction, etc.

The workshop will be a mix of invited/contributed talks and breakout discussions.

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