AI has achieved ground breaking success in various domains such as speech, vision, and natural language processing. Inspired by this success many researchers and developers have started to explore leveraging AI in various software development areas (AI for code). While many aspects of this area has been explored, the success of statis analysis in identifying various software bugs creates a unique opportunity to explore the area of AI for Code.

The ASA workshop gathers together developers and researchers who are exploring the use of static analysis and AI to empower and enable breakthroughs in the area of AI for Code. To this end, we have invited a set of well-known figures in area of AI for Code to bring their perspective on the subject and we follow the talks with a series of discussions on how static analysis can complement the current research in the area of AI for Code.


This program is tentative and subject to change.

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Tue 14 Jun

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15:30 - 17:00
Complementary ApproachesASA at Rousseau East
Automated Software Testing: Bridging The Gap With Deep Learning
Elizabeth Dinella University of Pennsylvania
Precise Program Reasoning using Probabilistic Methods
Mukund Raghotaman University of Southern California

Call for Participation

We will welcome researchers and developers from industry and academia to attend the invited talks and participate in workshop discussions.